PJS Pharma R&D is located in Cherlapally, Hyderabad. Our R&D facility has the capabilities to offer services for route scouting, process development, CRO and medicinal chemistry. PJS Pharma R&D facility has glass reactors – kilo lab – to support kilogram level synthesis of APIs and intermediates.

PJS Pharma production facility located in Raichur has 10 reactors of capacity ranging from 1 kilolitre to 3 kilolitres. This facility offers large-scale synthesis of key intermediates and non-GMP products to support customers from industry and academic institutions.  

R&D lab:  10 fume hoods / 2 walk-in fume hoods
Analytical lab:  1 GC, 1 HPLC and wet lab
Kilo Lab:  All-glass reactors (two 50 litre and one 20 litre)
Manufacturing Capacity:  10 reactors (1 kilolitre to 3 kilolitre)
Hydrogenation facility:  2 litre and 1 kilolitre reactors

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