Scientific Activities

PJS Pharma aims at providing smart chemistry based high-end solutions in the areas of Agro, Pharma, Fragrance, and Materials sectors.

APIs and Intermediates

PJS Pharma has excellent experience in the development of multi-step synthetic routes for manufacturing market driven high-value intermediates, specialty chemicals, and APIs.

Process Development

PJS Pharma team is an excellent blend of expertise which understands the intricacies of process development start from route identification to green process development. Our team brings scientific proficiency to design, develop and optimize process routes for optimal, cost-efficient, reliable, qualitative and scalable processes to the customer needs, irrespective of chemical complexity.

Contract Research and Manufacturing

PJS Pharma team has been working on CR & CM tailored services for the synthesis of compound libraries, design of scaffolds, large-scale NCE synthesis of chiral and other complex molecules by utilizing established synthetic routes, modifying client synthetic route, identifying novel routes. PJS Pharma committed to maintaining strict confidentiality and IP control of our client projects.

Medicinal Chemistry

PJS Pharma team has made excellent contributions in drug discovery by the generation of leads and pre-clinical candidates in areas like Malaria, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cancer, and Dengue. Our team has the expertise to support the design and synthesis of new analogues for hit expansion and lead optimization through efficient SAR study. Our discovery team can support the clients in the large-scale production of leads for pharmacological profiling and preclinical studies.

Research & Development

PJS Pharma team has been enthusiastic to undertake active R&D by utilizing diverse under-utilized or unutilized chemical reactions and chemical space to address the global challenges in basic and applied organic synthesis to generate novel chemical structures, to develop novel non-infringing methods and processes for the intermediates, fine chemicals and applications in the field of human well-being.