Know About Us

PJS Pharma, a Hyderabad based chemical research company established in October 2015, is committed to provide unique chemistry solutions to human and environmental health with high quality and reliability. It offers services in synthetic organic chemistry for simple to complex problems that include route scouting, route and process optimization for key starting materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs along with contract research and contract manufacturing from multi-gram to multi-ton scale.

PJS Pharma research team has diverse research and leadership experience from reputed academic institutes and pharmaceutical industry to pay great attention and to serve chemistry needs to the customer, in the areas of pharmaceutical intermediates and early-stage drug discovery.

Our team has expertise in the areas of organic synthesis with a special emphasis on carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides, heterocycles, and cavernous scientific background in process chemistry, medicinal chemistry, basic research in organic chemistry, process engineering, to position us as a preferred partner in outsourcing life science industry projects.

Our Team

Dr. G. V. Madhava Sharma, Managing Director

G. V. Madhava Sharma is a synthetic organic chemist with a rich experience of around 35 years both in scientific research and leadership. He recently superannuated as Chief Scientist & Chairman, Agro & Health Cluster, from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India. He made excellent contributions both in the academic and industrial research, working on the synthesis of natural products, new route scouting and process development in the fields of agro, pharma and fragrance chemicals, with the main emphasis on carbohydrates, peptides, and asymmetric synthesis. His latest contributions include the conversion of biomass to bioethanol and other value-added products. He worked with several industrial clients both from India and abroad on diverse topics. He trained 52 students for Ph. D.; published more than 200 research papers and holds 15 patents. His contributions in application-oriented organic synthesis fetched him recognitions like Ranbaxy Research Award, OPPI Senior Scientist Award and NASI-Reliance Platinum Jubilee Award, CSIR-Young Scientist Award, besides FNASc (India), FTAS (Telangana) and FRSC (UK).

Dr. K. Ravinder Reddy, Director (Medicinal Chemistry & Alliances)

Kondreddi Ravinder Reddy has 15 years of experience in academic and industrial research in organic, process and medicinal chemistry. After conferring his doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. G. V. M. Sharma from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad, India, Dr. Kondreddi did postdoctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in the group of Professor Dr. Albert Eschenmoser from USA. Later, he joined Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD), Singapore, as an investigator, where his research mainly focused on the drug discovery towards neglected tropical diseases (tuberculosis and malaria). As an expert in drug discovery, Dr. Kondreddi contributed to a strong pipeline of several small molecule leads and preclinical candidates. Dr. Kondreddi has published more than 25 research articles in highly reputed international journals and has several patents to his credit.

Dr. Bommagani Sreenivas, Executive Director

Dr. Sreenivas, Founder of PJS Pharma Pvt. Ltd., is an accomplished chemist with more than 15 years of experience in organic, and medicinal chemistry, process development for APIs and intermediates. He received his Ph. D. with Dr. G. V. M. Sharma, in organic chemistry from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad, India. Later, he completed his postdoctoral studies with Dr. Frank Sweezer, University of Manitoba, Canada. He administers all aspects of manufacturing right from strategic planning, R&D and production. Sreenivas has commercialized several APIs and API intermediates like Tramadol, Cetirizine, Montelukast, Omeprazole, Sartans and Triptans to an industrial process. His passion towards chemistry and strength in advanced organic synthesis and route scouting put him in commendable position to take challenging chemistry in API manufacturing

Mr. Bommeneni Narasihma Reddy, Director (Marketing, Analytical and Liaison)

Mr. B. Narasihma Reddy (M. Sc. in organic chemistry), analytical professional, has 20 years of experience in industrial research in contract research and manufacturing services (CRAM), API’s and biotechnology divisions and drug discovery. Mr. Bommeneni made extensive contributions in quality related matters and participated in more than 50 drug discovery projects as an analytical research team member/team leader. He published research papers in analytical method developments for API’s and innovation of nutraceutical products. He worked with leading pharma organizations like Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Piramal Healthcare and Orchid Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Dr. Kota Sudhakar Rao, Director (Contract Research and Process Development)

Dr. Kota Sudhakar Rao received his doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. G. V. M. Sharma, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad in the area of non-natural C-linked carbo-β-peptides. His career has taken a prominent shape in the area of medicinal chemistry during his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Dae-Kee Kim, at EWHA University, Seoul, where, he focussed on ALK-5 inhibitors and discovered clinical candidate, EW-7197 (Vactosertib). After three years, he joined with Prof. Per Arvidsson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm/UKZN, Durban, and worked on the anti-HIV drug discovery programme, where, Dr. Kota designed and synthesized lead candidates as potent HIV-Protease inhibitors. Dr. Kota has published 12 research articles and two international patents.

Mr. Pasam Prabhakar Rao, Director (Administration and Societal)

Mr. P. Prabhakar Rao, after completion of M. Sc. (Chemistry) from Osmania University, continued in research for a short period in Osmania University. Then, he has undertaken teaching of his favorite chemistry subject to the 10+2 students by establishing a college in Khammam and brought laurels to the college through his teaching skills along with his leadership. For over two decades, it was the topmost preferred centre due to his vision and guidance. Many of his former students are in good positions both in India and abroad. He, while teaching chemistry to the 10+2 students, has gained expertise in administration, finance, and HR related issues, besides societal activities.

Advisory Board

Dr. Y. P. Saradhy, Managing Director, S&S Technomark Pvt. Ltd.

Y. P. Saradhy, is a graduate in chemical engineering from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and obtained his doctoral degree from Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore in 1971. His doctoral thesis subject has become part of a chapter in advances in chemical engineering in 1971. He taught at IISc to postgraduate aeronautical engineers between 1971-1976. He guided both postgraduate as well as doctoral students and has 20 publications to his credit both in Indian and international journals.  

He, since the beginning of his academic career, took up engineering consultancy and continued his passion for developing new products and processes and taking them to industrial scale by giving individual consultancy from 1976. He, to meet the needs of the clients and growing business, in 1984, has established S&S Technomark Pvt. Ltd in Hyderabad, as an engineering consultancy organization, being the founding Managing Director, in the areas of pharma, fertilizers, space, defence, food processing and solid waste management. The thrust of the company are: Development of new processes for chemicals that have export potential or presently imported, Use of wastes for their reuse or to develop a new application and Design of equipment. Besides providing solutions to the clients, he continued his other passion for knowledge transfer and skill development to young engineering graduates by teaching and creating employability and employment.

Dr. Saradhy has been on the boards of several companies for the last 20 years. He is instrumental in the establishment of new companies on a strong footing for rapid growth and helped several companies which are in distress with his timely and valuable advice in marketing, production, and finance.

Dr. Balasubramanian Gopalan

Dr. Gopalan received his doctorate in the year 1973 from the University of Madras in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and worked as a Post-Doctoral fellow in Harvard University with Nobel Laureate E. J. Corey. He then switched over to the industry and worked with Syntex Research Inc., California and Bristol-Myers Squibb in New Jersey, USA. He returned to India in 1982 and headed drug discovery division of Boots Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Sun Pharma Advanced Research Centre, Glaxo Ltd., Glenmark Research Centre, Matrix Laboratories. Dr. Gopalan continued his career as Executive Director & Chief Scientific Officer of Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals. His contributions include discoveries of several new drugs that are currently in Phase-2/Phase-3 clinical trials. Some of his discoveries (i.e. Oglemilast, a PDE IV inhibitor) were out-licensed to Forest Laboratories, USA for US$ 190 million over a period of five years & also to Teijin of Japan for US$ 53 million. Another drug Melogliptin (DPP4 for type 2 diabetes) was out-licensed to Merck Germany for US $231 million. He has been a visiting fellow and an elected fellow of several academics and universities. Dr. Gopalan has 50 international patents to his credit.

Our Mission And Vision


To provide cost-efficient pharmaceutical products with supreme quality to serve the need of the customers from around the world.



To become a robust chemistry solutions provider platform for customers related to healthcare industry.

Our Motto And Values

Our Motto:

  • Product Quality – No Compromise
  • Style – Customer-centric
  • Strategy – Adoptable, Speed and Rapid changes
  • Domain – Borderless
  • R&D – Customer Driven
  • Family – Balanced with work life

Our Values:

  • Integrity – Highest ethical standards and quality products
  • Competence – Exceeding the customer requirements and expectations
  • Commitment – High accessibility, high accuracy and fast service
  • Innovation – New ideas and methods
  • Reliability – Building confidence to customers with services
  • Humility – Open to change and continuous improvement
  • Safety – Safety first